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3 Tummy Tightening Exercises


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We all strive to flatten our tummies, and while nutrition will always play a major

role there are some exercises that can help you out.


1.  Leg lift:  Lay flat on a mat with your hands under your butt and your legs in

the air.  Lift your butt slightly of the ground while lifting your feet towards

the ceiling.  It is very important to keep your core tight during this exercise

and your head flat on the mat to protect your neck.


2.   Plank thrusts:  Assume the plank position with your forearms on the ground

and your body elevated ( see picture below)  Now bring your pelvis down towards

the ground and up again in a repeated motion.


3.  Oblique Mountain climbers:  Hold a plank and bring your right knee to the opposite

left side of your mid section and vice versa.


Good luck.  If you need more help our Xceed Fitness Bootcamp has these exercises

and a whole lot more.  We encourage you to join us for our open house week coming

very soon.  Call or email us for more information or any questions about our program.


Committed to your health and fitness


Offer Cohen


Xceed Fitness Team

3 Tips Guaranteed to burn more calories


Today we are going to talk about 3 simple steps that can help burn more calories during workouts,

which in turn can help you fit into those skinny jeans a little bit faster:).

1.  Make sure you warm up for at least five minutes.  This will help to increase

your range of motion, which will result in more use of the muscle fibers during

your workouts.  This will also burn more calories when these muscle fibers are

repairing post workout.

2.  Use a heart rate monitor.  It actually shows you how high your heart rate is

getting and how many calories you are burning.  The visual aspect of it will really

help push you to work harder, because numbers don't lie.

3.  Reduce rest periods.  You want to keep on moving during your workout in order

to burn more calories.  You also want to keep the heart rate up for the same reason.

Using a heart rate monitor will show you exactly how effective shorter rest periods can be.