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Home Page BLOG 5 Fitness tips to get back on track

5 Fitness tips to get back on track


1.  Make an exercise schedule:  It is very important to decide what days and times

you are going to do your exercise activity.


2.  Organize a nutrition plan:  Figure out a realistic plan that works for you.

Some ideas are :  weight watchers, Jenny Craig, or your own nutrition plan.


3.  Stay consistent:  In order to succeed with exercise and nutrition you must develop

consistency.  However, you are probably going to miss a day or have a cheat meal...


4.  ...If you miss a day or eat something bad don't let it become a pattern.  It

is crucial that you get back on track.  This is where a lot of people fall of and

begin to get back into their bad habits.


5.  Make time for health and fitness.  No matter how busy you are with work, kids,

or life.  If you don't make time for your fitness no one else will.


Commited to your health and fitness


Offer Cohen