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Saddlebrook - Lodi - Fairlawn bootcamp Fitness program Bergen County


What is the Xceed Fitness Plan and How does it work?

The Xceed Fitness workout is an electrifying blend of resistance weight training, cardio, and even flexibility. Your body is going to get toned, tighter, and stronger while you burn up to 725 calories per hour.

Our full body workout ensures that you will be working on target areas such as your Belly, Hips, and Arms during every routine.

Forget unrealistic and overwhelming diet plans. A little guidance goes a long way with our nutritional lifestyle planning.   It’s time to follow a realistic direction with lots of options. We know the daily grind is
not easy but one thing is for sure. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle it is not going to work.

Cardio is a key part of the Xceed Fitness Workout. That means that if you know you are not going to do cardio on your own, you can still get results.

No two workouts are the same. This is no cookie cutter routine. No matter what type of training you do, you can count on fresh motivating routines and a structured plan!

No two people are the same which means that each routine will be geared towards your
specific needs and fitness level.

You can’t get into shape if you are out of commission. We are conscience of physical ailments. There is always another option if an exercise is not right for you.

Every Xceed Fitness routine is infused with personality. That means that you will be motivated and entertained while you work out. Forget monotonous zombies and boring rep counters because you are not getting them here.