The kettlebell swing, hands down, is the best full-body strength and conditioning exercise you can do. It will melt fat away, build a rock solid core, and help alleviate pain, but ONLY when done properly.

The sad truth is that swings are used far too much as a conditioning tool for fat loss, rather than a strength tool. Swinging for high reps with little rest will result in fatigue, which will create “lazy” swings. I’m not saying that you are being lazy, but when your body is fatigued it will go into survival mode and try to conserve energy by making the swings easier, meaning less tension.

And less tension = bad swings:(

There are two very common problems that arise with “lazy” swings…ab and glute tension give out at the top of the swing. Here are visual examples of the problems…

#1 Backward lean at the top of the swing…ab tension non existent.


#2 Hips pull out early in the down swing…glutes give out.


These mistakes can be easily remedied by not training under fatigue and focusing on form each and every rep.

Whether you are guilty of these two common issues, or not, watch the videos below to improve your swing and get better results from your training.

#1 Fix Your Abs…

#2 Fix Your Downswing…

Keep your swings at manageable amount of reps for the weight used and rest until you feel recovered, so you can avoid these heinous acts of swinging.