This might make me sound like the grinch, but I am SO glad that the holidays are over.

I loved the time I got to spend with my family. I was able to travel to North Carolina and spend Christmas with my parents, my two brothers and their families, which I wouldn’t trade for anything. It was an amazing time.

But the last few weeks I have felt terrible. Low energy, negative thoughts, and super stressed out. Generally bummed out.

All I could think is “what is wrong with me?” which created negativity and doubt in my mind.

I had family around. I was sleeping more than normal. I was working out. I should be happy, but I wasn’t.

Then it dawned on me…the one thing that changed, and changed a lot, over the holidays was eating.

I ate more sugar.
I caught myself being hungry with no “good” options so I are whatever.
I drank more alcohol than normal.

The foods I ate had changed me. I was stressed out, had no energy, negative, and full of self doubt. I didn’t like it.

On my flight home I was super excited to get back to my routine, the foods that make me function best, and putting myself and my nutrition first.

I’m lucky to know what it’s like to eat well and feel great and full of energy. It gave me the perspective and awareness that food can influence your mind, body, confidence, and energy.

If you’re feeling low on energy, negative, stressed, or bummed out, take a look at the foods you eat, sugar you consume, and alcohol. Your solution lies in making a change.

It doesn’t take a crazy restrictive diet to feel better, that would actually create more stress. It takes an easy, low stress, habit forming, and progressive approach to right the ship.

Want help doing this? Having recently passed my Precision Nutrition Certification, I am opening up 5 spots into my Nutrition Coaching program.

So, if you want to feel more energized, less stressed, and more positive, then simply email at owen@republicofstrength with you phone number and I will call you ASAP with more details.