Being able to lift heavy weights overhead takes extreme amounts of full body strength, stability and mobility. Plus, it looks impressive hoisting heavy objects overhead.

When I view pressing strength I’m focused on relative strength. Being strong relative to your body weight is an indication of overall fitness. For guys doing a half body weight overhead press will equate to a lean and strong physique. For women this is about 1/3 body weight for a one arm press.

These numbers are super challenging and more of an elite standard, not necessary for someone simply interested in improving health and fitness. But you can see how constant progress closer to those standards would move you in the direction of a leaner physique.

Heavy overhead pressing is as much about strength as it is about midsection strength, total body tension, and technique. While strength will increase over time with enough reps and volume, you’ll see way more progress and bigger increases in weights if you hon your technique and fix common mistakes that zap strength.

Here are 3 technique fixes you can use to burst out of your pressing plateau…

Cure for the Chicken Wing Press

Bottoms Up Press

Proper Grip

Give one a try for 2 weeks and report back to me your results:)