You may be thinking too many carbs, not enough weights, or too little cardio, but those are all wrong.

The #1 reason for fat loss failure is lack of consistency. Falling out of a program or giving up when results are not immediate. Or using excuses to give ourselves permission to fail because the road gets difficult along the way.

We live in a world of instantaneous. Everything is a drive or click away from us. We want things now, and we don’t want to wait.

Unfortunately, fitness is not instantaneous. It is earned through consistency, persistence, and habits. Each day must move you closer to your goal. Being consistent 80% of the time with both fitness and nutrition is required for fat loss.

To achieve your goals in fitness and life you must adhere to the consistency…

  1. Consistency in staying focused on your goal everyday.
  2. Consistency is setting a schedule and adhering to it, no matter what…no excuses.
  3. Consistency is following a plan, as it’s designed, without argument or negotiation.
  4. Consistency is not allowing obstacles to become roadblocks on your path.
  5. Consistency in seeing a program to completion.

Start small with simple habits moving you towards your goal. Each week add more and more until you become an avalanche of momentum that nothing or no one can stop you from reaching your goal.

Need help with a plan to build consistency and become that unstoppable force? Set up a free 30-minute strategy session with me to create your plan. This session is complementary and there’s zero financial commitment.