The Christmas season is an extremely busy time of year for everyone. From end of year work deadlines to holiday parties to family commitments, you are left with little to no time to train and eat right on most days.

Rather than committing to doing more this season, try doing less. Find the minimal effective amount of activity that you can do each day to hold off the holiday poundage.

You should continue to follow your regular training program, as much as possible, but when time is restricted, do something that requires less time.

For me, that would be 10 sets of 20 swings or walking the dog further than normal (30 minutes or more). Pretty simple.

I make it a point to do something active everyday during this time of year because I know that my nutrition won’t be perfect.

This doesn’t mean I completely let go and eat anything until I feel ill with fullness.

It means that I don’t dwell on the little slip ups. I know that my strength training and being active will keep me in check.

Give this a try over the next two weeks and see how effective it will be for you. It’s really easy and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes each day.

Here’s to surviving the holidays!